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Monday, 24 December 2012

Mindmap of Fractions

My favourite song

Good "Digital" Practices

Digital Citizenship - Random Thoughts

A video clip that caught my attention

Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived

A video that explains why the water in Mars disappeared and the water in Earth didn't.

I learnt...
  • That not only Mars is affected.                                                Venus and Earth are also affected.
  • What had caused the disappearance of the water in Mars.                      The Sun's high energy photons and solar winds caused the disappearance of the water in Mars.
  • Why the water in Earth didn't disappear.                                                A powerful magnetic field, generated in the core, that deflected many of the high energy particles released by the sun and much of the solar energy released that get through the magnetic field is reflected back into space by clouds, ice and snow, which together, prevented the disappearance of the water in Earth.

Places I like to go in Singapore

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I like going to Bukit Panjang Plaza as there is a restaurant that sells one of my favourite foods, ramen. The ramen cooked there is much better than any other restaurants. I love their food so much that I often eat there every week with my brother.

Northpoint is the place where I am very familiar with because in the past few years, every Sunday, my family would go there to eat our Dinner. Later if we are free, we would go and buy some stuff like shoes for my sister or toys for my brother and sometimes they would buy some clothes for all of us.

I loved to play at Downtown East. Staying in a chalet, barbecuing some food to eat and playing at Wild Wild Wet are all enjoyable things to do at Downtown East. The best of the three in my opinion is barbecuing food as it is very fun to eat what you are cooking but when it is burnt, I would prefer playing with water to eating burnt food.

East Coast Park is a place where I enjoy cycling. I often go with my family and my parents' friends. We would cycle together and sometimes we would just play badminton or play with the sand.

About me (I)

Hi, my name is Ng Wei Chong Javier but you can just call me Javier.

My favourite pastime, before this year, is playing with my favourite
 toy, my iPhone which was given to me when I was Primary four 
but before I had it, I would simply watch my television. 
Now, I found a game that enables me to use do
 whatever I want, like building
 a house, creating a television
 and even a time machine.
 That game is called minecraft.
Now, I spend my time building a hotel
that has 15 floors in it. This game has allowed
me to show my potential to do things in many ways and it is
very enjoyable especially with friends or families in multiplayer servers.

I enjoy talking to people and I don't cross traffic junctions when the green man is not flashing even though I am late and there are no cars but I will always try to be about 15 minutes early or more. 

My "About Me" PICASA album link is below