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Monday, 24 December 2012

About me (I)

Hi, my name is Ng Wei Chong Javier but you can just call me Javier.

My favourite pastime, before this year, is playing with my favourite
 toy, my iPhone which was given to me when I was Primary four 
but before I had it, I would simply watch my television. 
Now, I found a game that enables me to use do
 whatever I want, like building
 a house, creating a television
 and even a time machine.
 That game is called minecraft.
Now, I spend my time building a hotel
that has 15 floors in it. This game has allowed
me to show my potential to do things in many ways and it is
very enjoyable especially with friends or families in multiplayer servers.

I enjoy talking to people and I don't cross traffic junctions when the green man is not flashing even though I am late and there are no cars but I will always try to be about 15 minutes early or more. 

My "About Me" PICASA album link is below

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