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Monday, 24 December 2012

Places I like to go in Singapore

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I like going to Bukit Panjang Plaza as there is a restaurant that sells one of my favourite foods, ramen. The ramen cooked there is much better than any other restaurants. I love their food so much that I often eat there every week with my brother.

Northpoint is the place where I am very familiar with because in the past few years, every Sunday, my family would go there to eat our Dinner. Later if we are free, we would go and buy some stuff like shoes for my sister or toys for my brother and sometimes they would buy some clothes for all of us.

I loved to play at Downtown East. Staying in a chalet, barbecuing some food to eat and playing at Wild Wild Wet are all enjoyable things to do at Downtown East. The best of the three in my opinion is barbecuing food as it is very fun to eat what you are cooking but when it is burnt, I would prefer playing with water to eating burnt food.

East Coast Park is a place where I enjoy cycling. I often go with my family and my parents' friends. We would cycle together and sometimes we would just play badminton or play with the sand.

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